Yee Ting McCloy

Technical Product Designer // Developer // Illustrator

If you are looking for a designer with development skills, or vice versa, then please feel free to get in touch! 👋

The Challenge

The customer had deprecated their online customer support portal a few years ago but after reviewing their business and end users needs they realised that they needed to re-implement an app with additional features such as a knowledge base and the ability to raise facilities management tickets.

We identified that the end users consistently made a high number of requests for documents related to the property they were tenants of, as well as minor maintenance requests. These requests were being handled by their call handlers but this was limited to between 9am and 5pm on working days and was not always ideal.

My Role - Lead Product Designer

The Solution

We came up with a self-service portal where the end user could access information about their property 24/7 such as the lease, occupancy, accessibility, utilities, services, invoices and where they could track facilities management requests.

Working together with the Enterprise Architect, I began by creating a series of process flows illustrating the onboarding process and raising a ticket or request These were based on information gathered during an initial stakeholder workshop and backlog.

Following on from this I was able to create 7 user personas covering admin, management, and finance personnel along with associated user flows showing how each user class would navigate the app.

Low fidelity monochromatic wireframes were then produced covering all key features and requirements identified in the product backlog. Several iterations were created to reflect both internal and external feedback.

A high fidelity prototype with the company branding applied was then created in Sketch and converted into a InVision prototype before being presented to the stakeholders for feedback.

The customer has now taken the prototypes and other design artifacts created to prepare a tender for the development phase of the project.